Victorian Tenement

Ferguson Place, Burntisland


Client Brief

The client would like two borders of her garden re-designed. The client finds them difficult areas to maintain and would like something which is lower maintenance. She would like to include:


Site Assessment

The property is a south-east facing Victorian Tenement a couple streets back from the links and beach in Burntisland. Access to the flat is via a flight of steps at the rear. The two borders forming an L-shape are adjacent to the property to the north-east (side) and north-west (back). They, therefore, receive only limited direct sunlight each day. The borders are currently overgrown with weeds, some of which are difficult perennial weeds. There is also a Silver Birch and a Buddleja which could be retained.

The stone slab path around the borders gives the main access to the property. The path is slightly too narrow for its purpose.

The whole border is higher than the ground floor flat and is retained by concrete slabs end on into the ground. The back border has been further retained by wooden planks at some point in the past; however, this has rotted away leaving unsupported soil at the back of the border. The side border slopes down towards the road. It is currently retained from falling onto the path by some rocks.

There is a wrought iron gate across the path in line with the property.



Design Idea

To use sleepers to replace the rocks and rotten wood to retain the soil in the borders, the use of the same material throughout will link the two borders together. Weed control fabric mulched with a local beach shingle (as specified by client) will be used to reduce the maintenance and give a seaside feel. The sleepers will be placed back off the path and the gap filled with shingle to give extra maneuvering space on the path. Plants will be chosen to enhance the seaside feel and be suitable for the shady position.