Allan Street

Client Brief

The clients are the landlords of a flat in a Victorian tenement. The main criteria for planting:

1. Repair wall

2. Provide interest throughout the year

3. Low maintenance

Site Assessment

It is a small plot in a shared garden. The shared garden sits within a quadrangle of tenements which provide a barrier to traffic noise so the garden is a peaceful refuge from busy city life.

The plot belonging to the clients can be partially seen from the drying green and is bound to the south-west by a rotten stone wall. The plot is completely over grown with weeds and brambles.

The soil is a worn out city soil which will need re-invigorating.

Design Idea

The clients border is semi-hidden when viewed from the drying green, this provides the opportunity to using planting to give the impression of more garden just out sight as well as hiding the wall to blur the boundary of the garden. The border will be filled with shrubs with contrasting foliage and different seasons of interest. To use elements already existing in the garden for the minimal hard landscaping.



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