Modern Country Garden

Inchloan, Aberdeenshire

Client Brief

The client would like the whole garden designed and installed. The main focus of the design is to reduce the agricultural feel of the garden and emphasize the stunning views to the north-east from the top of the garden where there should be a gazebo/ summerhouse sited. Also the view of the house from the road (to the north and east) is to be softened and make the house ‘look as if it belongs’. The farm buildings to the west should be screened. The back garden should be totally enclosed to provide a safe area for the dog and a path from the shed to the drive to be included. The garden is to be of low maintenance. The design should also encourage birds into the garden and should include an area to grow vegetables.

Site Assessment

The site runs West-East on an open north facing slope with fields used for grazing cattle on three boundaries, West, North and East. The boundaries are all wire stock fence topped with barbed wire standing approximately 1200mm high. The property is a large recently converted steading to the Eastern end of the site with access via a gravel drive along the Eastern boundary. The main garden is to the West of the property and slopes up away from the house. The soil is a rich clayey loam with a tendency to bogginess as a result of run-off from the slope.

Design Idea

The design idea was to create separation from the surrounding fields with a modern fence in keeping with the modern steading conversion. Borders were created to further accentuate that this was a garden.  The planting had to vary depending on the conditions on site, with plants that would deter browsing by inquisitive cows on the borders with the field, succeed in wet areas and withstand the exposed location. Climbers were chosen to soften the outline of the house and trees were located to further break up the outline. A separate, partially screened area for vegetable growing, composting and clothes drying was created as well as a border for more tender plants on the sheltered south facing side of the house.


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