Colourful, Low Maintenance Planting Design

Drumoak, Aberdeenshire

Client Brief

The clients have a border to the south of the property that requires planting and the existing borders to the west and north-west are to have supplementary planting.

The clients would like to maximize colour from the border though out the year whilst limiting the maintenance.  The clients would like the kind of colour possible from annual bedding schemes but without the maintenance/expense that would entail.


Site Assessment

The site is several acres of immaculate lawn within which the property is situated.  The garden is open to the surrounding country side with views across the Dee valley to the south.

The border requiring planting is to the south of the property and has full sun all day.  The border is viewed from the lounge, patio near the house and from the garden.

The soil is sandy and slightly acidic and has been bare for several years.  There is a north-south slope to the border.  Rabbits are a considerable pest and the borders will need to be netted, at least initially and possibly permanently depending on final planting composition.  At the back of the border is a row of mature Lavendula augustifolia ‘Hidcote’ which are to be retained.

Design Rationale

Perennial and bulbs will be used to give the longest display of colour possible without the work involved in annual bedding.  The colour will be begin in early spring with Anemone pavonina followed by Narcissus planted in groups throughout the border. Followed by Allium 'Purple Sensation' whilst the perennials grow up. Early summer will follow a yellow and red theme changing to pinks and blues by late summer, with a final flourish of Aster 'Little Carlow' in late October. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' seed heads and Stachys byzantina leaves will give interest through the winter.

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