It’s a rainy day so I am writing this, I find it hard to do anything indoors at all in the summer, I would so much rather be outside, so if I am not weeding or planting we are sitting by a fire in the evening. I do really enjoy the garden at this time though, the flowers, the scent of the honeysuckle and this year I am particularly appreciating some grasses I planted a couple of years ago, Stipa barata. They took a couple of years to establish but are now producing beautiful flowing seed heads that move in the slightest breeze. Everything has caught up from the late start, we have had pounds of peas, sugar snaps and strawberries. There were so many strawberries when we came home from holiday that we had to blend and freeze several basins full. We will use the blended frozen mush in the depths of winter when summer is but a distant memory. The peas are doing well too, but nothing the kids can’t manage to eat straight from the plants, though we did manage to have a few for tea the other night and I have frozen one meals worth. We are tending to eat the sugar snaps which don’t freeze that well and the kids are not quite so keen on raw.


The front border I planted up last month is looking good, though that is mostly due to the flowering annuals that have self seeded from last year and I have allowed to grow this year. It is a good way of giving colour to a new border whilst the more permanent plants establish. There has been no problem with rabbits...yet. This could be because there is a family of stoats living in our dry stone dyke. I have a bit of a problem with the stoats. They steal the chicken’s eggs and have killed the only chick to hatch. We are now in the process of increasing the security of the hen run to make it stoat proof before getting some more hens and in the meantime keeping the hens in the house longer and checking for eggs more often.



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