Vegeatable patch sown and starting to grow


After the mad panic to get things done in the garden after the late snow and long winter it is just about set up for the growing season. Mind I have been helped by the winter in some ways, the middle border in the photo had the potatoes in last year whcih were lifted in September/October time. Usually when you come to sow seeds in the spring you first have to clear the weeds that have grown in autumn on the warmer days, during the winter and the spring before you sow, but this year not a single weed had grown in the six months since I took out the tatties, now that is a long cold winter! The tatties are all in too (the bed to the right of the photo. Half the potatoes were chitted (put on a window sill to sprout) and half were not so we will see how much difference it makes, of course being a scientist I know I won't really be able to tell as the two lots were different varieties so it could just be that causing any difference. Bizzarely last autumn I forgot to put in Japenese onion sets, but considering the winter and the amount the weeds had grown it is probably just as well, so I have planted twice as many regular onion sets, and they are starting to grow already.

That does seem to be a feature this spring, that things that have gone in have started to grow really quickly, the runner beans are up in their pots in the frame too, I felt like I waited ages last year for them to germinate. The peas are up too, they are in the middle border with the fleece. The fleece is as much for keeping mice and birds off as it is for extra warmth for the seedlings. The puple sprouting broccoli is producing a much need dose of green vegetable just now. It has been such a challenge to get the PSB to this stage. I think we have weird mice that love eating broccoli seedlings. I had to rig up all sorts of protection for them last year and of the 20 plants I started with only six survived. This year I am planning to grow them on further in the frame before planting them out in the hope they are then woody enough to be unpalatable.


The current bushes I planted bare-root a month or so ago have come into leaf, in the next week or two we will see if they have taken, I'll have to keep an eye on them to make sure they are watered if they start to wilt as they will have a very small root stock this year.

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